Flat Roofing Repair

NJ Flat Roofing Repair

Low-slope or flat roofs are notorious for developing leaks. If you have a leaky flat roof, contact LGC Roofing, your local roofing repaircontractor with over 20 years of experience repairing and restoring all types of roofs.

We handle all aspect of flat roofing replacement, repair, restoration
and even maintenance.

LGC Roofing offers flat roof repair services in NJ

Flat roof repair services we offer:

  • We inspect the flat roof to evaluate what damage has occurred
  • Depending on the damage we suggest appropriate repairs or complete replacement of the roofing material
  • We pull up the existing rubber roofing material, bolster the underlying insulation and re-install rubber shingles including new flashing.
  • We seal cracks with high-quality roofing cement.
  • We replace the sheathing by tacking it down with fasteners.

LGC Roofing installs EPDM roofing in NJ

Tired of leaks? Consider EPDM, a synthetic rubber compound that’s becoming a popular option for residential and commercial roofs. It offers exceptional resistance to hail, high winds, snow and ice, superior durability and minimal maintenance.

Contact LGC Roofing to inquire about EPDM installation for your flat roof. We’ll inspect your existing roof, make repair recommendations and discuss your roofing replacement options – including the potential benefit of a new rubber roof. Call (609) 712-8157 today!

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What homeowners are saying...

"The owner came out to fix a leaking skylight the day before severe rain and did a great job. I highly recommend Roof Toppers."
Chris & Linda, Princeton, NJ

"LGC Roofing did exactly what they promised and when they promised. Excellent roofer."
Dorothy & Joe, Branchburg, NJ

"You guys did a great job! It was done way faster then we expected. Township inspector was also really impressed. Keep up good work and thank you.
Mark and Susie, Hillsbrough, NJ

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