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NJ Roof Valley Repair

A roof valley is the curve at the roof’s base. Leaking valleys can be some of the most common and frustrating leaks a homeowner will encounter.

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LGC Roofing Offers Roof Valley Repair services in NJ

With over 25 years of experience we have the knowlesge and skills to diagnose and repair roof valley leaks on all types of roofs.

Leaking roof valleys are some of the most common type of roof leaks a home can have. They can also be some of the most difficult leaks to track down and repair. There are many types of valley leaks – locating and fixing roof valley leaks can be very tricky.

Specializing in residential & commercial roofing repair and replacement, LGC Roofing is a skilled New Jersey roofing contractor with a reputation for personalized service.

We will perform a thorough roof valley inspection to evaluate the damage then proceed with appropriate repair options.

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Roof Valley Leaks - Common Causes

Poor craftsmanship is one of the key causes that lead to extensive roof valley repairs.

If shingles are laid down improperly or inadequately during their initial installation, shingles become dislodged from the roof and can be blown away. The loss of these shingles not only causes unsightly garbage, but leaves your roof vulnerable for damage, requiring shingle repairs down the road. Making sure your roof is installed properly is the best way to prevent damage to roof valleys.

Roof valley damage is most common in older homes. Because of their shape and location, roof valleys tend to collect a lot of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Over the years, normal wear and tear can take their toll.

Aside from improper installation and aging shingles, roof valley leaks can also be caused by ice dams and water running between the shingles and the valley flashing system.

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Dorothy & Joe, Branchburg, NJ

"You guys did a great job! It was done way faster then we expected. Township inspector was also really impressed. Keep up good work and thank you.
Mark and Susie, Hillsbrough, NJ

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